I was born in England and raised in Australia from the age of three, but all I ever really remember was growing up in Central Victoria. 

Surrounded by creative people, great role models and kind and loving parents with wonderful ethics, for this I am eternally grateful. 

Remembering back, when I left the country town I grew up in to experience the big city lights, all I ever tried to do, no matter where I lived, was to create a little bit of home.

So I hung flowing curtains, tried to keep a piece of ‘handmade’ close by at all times and created my own space.  I have always done this, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t do this, I don’t know any different….it’s just me.

After many years living in the city I felt a real pull to return to the country…..now moving forward quite a few years, that is after travelling overseas and doing all those things you do when you’re young and silly….I returned back to the country.This is where, just like fate, I meet my best friend and now husband.  A short time later we move to Tasmania with two dogs and a miss-match of two lives thrown together. 

Having lived in Tasmania now for 15 years we feel definitely we have found where we want to be.


The Black Hen started off as a little shop at the top of the hill on the main street of Deloraine, 5 years on it has grown into a bigger space where we’ve had all sorts of fun playing around.

The Black Hen is ever evolving and so we have made the decision to close the shopfront and create a beautiful online store.  With future plans of building a vintage style shed on our property where I will spend my days packing and wrapping beautiful homewares and posting them across the world with my new assistant Biscuit the cat.

X Julie

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