A beautiful endeavour.

When Julie and Noel first moved to Tasmania, over 17 years ago from Victoria, they never thought that they would end up working for themselves, restoring furniture, selling collectables and farmhouse style wares, and the doing it all from home. But, now many years into The Black Hen’s life, they couldn’t think of doing anything else!

“What a joy it was to find ourselves working from home doing what makes us happy, and then sharing that with others.” “It’s been a beautiful endeavour!” Julie says. From the two stores that were located in a small country town in Tasmania, to the building of the barn, from where they now operate their online store.
The perfect space to store and photograph their gorgeous wares.


Here’s a glimpse of inside and outside of their purpose built barn located on their 5 acre property in the North West of Tasmania.

To see more of the barn and what Julie and Noel are up to, go to their Instagram page or Facebook page…..or simply check out the feed on the contact page.