Rain, rain, please stay another day!

It's not rained here for quite a while.....I'm not sure how long it's been, but for Tasmania in Autumn, it's been quite a long time! All I know is that our dam was almost empty, like it was mid Summer.

It's been raining here now, on and off, for the past three days, and people coming in the shop are saying how lovely the rain is.....unless they were travelling and tenting it, then they were less enthused.

No one should be complaining about the rain!

Especially on a Sunday!

Last night, just on dusk, I ran around taking pictures of the beautiful wet maples leaves all over the place, covering everything like a technicolour carpet.

But for today, while it continues to pelt down outside, I'm going to go inside to see if I've got all the ingredients to make cake (of course)......because there is no way I'm going into town to go to the supermarket!

Noel's just come in after cleaning out the spoon drain down the driveway...."looks like it's time for another pair of work boots" he says, "these ones have sprung a leak!"

With copious amounts of apples still hanging in the trees, I collect a selection of four different types - green and red

I'm going to try make an apple cake and add slices of apples to the top and try to make it look like a rose.  The cake recipe I'm using has almond meal and hot tea in it - yum!

Recipe: Apple cake with an apple rose

1kg of apples - 2 cooking apples and 1 red delicious ( peeled and diced); 1 cooking apple and 2 red apples of any sort (cut into wedges)
2 tablespoons of honey
3 eggs
150g yoghurt - vanilla flavoured
180g caster sugar
320g self raising flour
140g almond meal
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
60ml approx black tea - I've used twinings lady grey

Cut apples as directed above, place diced in one bowl and sliced into another, cover both with water (enough to cover) add a tablespoon of honey into each bowl of apples and stir.

Heat oven to 180c. Whisk eggs with sugar until pale, add yoghurt and mix until combined.  Once combined add flour, almond meal and baking powder, when this has combined add the hot tea.  Remove water from diced apples and tip apples into mixture and mix well. Pour into a buttered cake tin with a removable base.

Decorate the top of the cake with the slices of red and green apples.  Bake at 180c for 30 mins, then lower oven to 160c and baked covered with aluminum foil for another 20 mins....I then removed foil and baked for another 20 mins, but play this by ear a little, I'm still getting use to a new oven.  If it's bounces back in the centre, it should be right.

I think next time I make this one, I won't cut the ends of the apples off, just core and slice them, making the slices look longer and less chunky.

Mmmmm, very nice...nice enough to share with friends. x Julie