a kitchen, a garden: a home

It's been 2 months since my last post and what a busy time it's been!  The shop has seen many changes over the past 8 weeks, new furniture, a new setup and some new makers.  If you follow the shop on instagram or facebook then you would know that we recently did a vintage hunting trip to Victoria - we certainly had fun there!

Back home now and the craziness of Christmas, New Year and getting back into work have been ticked off - and how lovely it is to get back into the routine of our daily life.

And part of that is getting my hands back into the vegie patch again!

Our tomatoes have been having a great old time growing and fruiting.......but I would like to see a little more ripening please!

I love the way a plant will find its own way, given sunlight and water....if it needs to grow up, then it will grow up.  This Queensland Blue will eventually get too heavy for itself and drop down, although I am tempted to put a little stool underneath it and let it continue to catch the breeze.

Starting at the front: The coriander has gone to seed which I hope to collect,  my late potatoes are still growing underneath the ground, lettuce is starting to go to seed, onions have been pulled and are sun baking, new carrots and beetroot looking pretty good....crazy pumpkin plant at the top of the picture.

Something's got Biscuit's attention....I think it might be a moth.  Cheeky schmoo!

So today's job was to sand back a desk and get it ready for the shop.  As Noel started working on it we started to talk about our kitchen reno - what pieces are still needed, which tradies do we need to get in next and what still needs to be done (besides EVERYTHING!)

We're staring at this desk while it's being sanded and having this conversation, you literally could see the cogs moving and the light bulb flick on!  This desk was a perfect size to be our new kitchen island bench....with drawers to boot!

We couldn't get it down to the house quick enough. Still needs to be painted and the drawer handles to be put back on, we plonk it into position and stood back.

I love it! I squealed.  With a little tweak here and a little tweak there this desk is going to be a great kitchen island bench.

Still with lots to do (as you can see) we're starting to see this little kitchen of ours taking shape and getting a real character about itself.

Feeling rejuvenated by this little piece of our kitchen puzzle coming together, I took this opportunity to give my new island bench a test run and bake up some plum and honey sabayon gratins.  Using some delicious local honey (my favourite) which was kindly delivered to the shop last week after I placed an order through instagram, I set about making this airy custardy sweet treat. 

These plums were a freebie gathered earlier this week from a lovely man with many plum trees bursting with fruit.  He had put a sign out on the road.....FREE PLUMS!  Well that was all I needed to see, and in I went picking.

Recipe: Plum and Honey Sabayon Gratins

2 tbls butter
6 tbls clover honey
5 large plums or 10 smaller ones (halved or quarted and pitted)
3 large egg yolks
1/3 cup Moscato or another dessert wine

The recipe which I found online under the food and wine website calls for the use of a broiler.....consider I hardly have a kitchen I will be using my grill, which essentially does the same thing.

In a large pan, melt the butter with 2 tbls of the honey over a moderate heat until foaming.  Add the plums and cook, turning occasionally, until softened and the honey has thickened slightly.  Scrape the plums and their juices onto a plate.

In a medium heatproof bowl ( I use an enamel bowl) set over a saucepan of simmering water, whisk the egg yolks, Moscato and the remaining tablespoons of honey until mixture is thick and pale yellow, this may take up to 8 mins.  Remove from the heat and whisk the sabayon until cooled slightly.

Scrape the sabayon into four ramekins.  Top with the plums and their juices.  Transfer to the grill and heat for about 1 minute until the sabayon is golden, and serve.

Having not made this before I thought I'd do a test run of browning the top.  Look at that toasty goodness, how gorgeous and rich and a total sweet hit.

Ok, once the husband had eaten the browned top off  I divided the rest into these lovely ceramic tapas bowls, perfect for its little handle.

With plenty of plums left, I think I will be making this one again.....soon!  x Julie