All before breakfast

We all seem to be so busy nowadays...busy before work, busy after work....busy all day!

Do you ever feel that you've done a days work before you've even got to work?  I wouldn't call what I do before breakfast as work though, I love our little life and I wouldn't change a thing!

Here's a glimpse of what I get up to most mornings, before I get to the shop.

At this time of year keeping our home warm is up the top of the list.  Lighting the fire in the lounge room, especially if it's gone out from the night before, and setting it so it lasts all day, takes practise. So when you get home at night, she's all toasty warm.

When you have a fire, either an open fire, a wood burning stove - like my Stanley in the kitchen, or even a fire box like this have to love wood!  You even become wood expert....what burns well, how dry the wood needs to be to burn well, how when you find a fallen tree and it's 'good wood' you rave about it for weeks - like you've caught the biggest fish of your life!

You also need to be very forgiving of the mess made from wood.  To find a basket or box that can hold your wood, without 'bits' going everywhere, is another fish story to be shared.

Whatever the case, a real fire is a friendly heat, one you can back up to and get your pant legs red hot, then walk away like a robot, so as not to get third degree burns!

Now the fire is going, I head outside to let the chooks out of their pen and collect the eggs.  At the same time making sure my boy and his girls are all OK.  Now that they have this wonderful new pen, I only feed them inside - this has upset the local sparrow population, that normally hover in the trees above waiting to swoop down to have their own breakfast.

These three are Indian Runner ducks.  They live quite happily on our dam and come and go as they please from their little enclosure.  This is where I feed them and hopefully where they lay their eggs....most of the time though, it's an Easter egg hunt.

Making sure the sheep are there and present is the next stop.  I have been known to be late to open the shop due to missing sheep.  A few yells from the paddock, a handful of pellets and they're putty in my hands.

These four have been separated and placed in the naughty corner (a well fenced paddock) they have been caught a number of times looking for greener grass. 

Now I'm heading up to the veggie garden to collect a few bits for breakfast.  This year hasn't been the best year for our veggie garden, but what has grown, we have in abundance! Such as cabbage, carrots, zucchinis, beans and tomatoes!! Oh, the hothouse tomatoes have been wonderful, just like burst of joy in the mouth!

Here's this mornings selection, combined with a couple of the eggs collected, makes for a yummy breakfast.

I have to admit, I am an early bird.  I wake at 6am most mornings and start moving around....or as my husband says...making noise!  To have spare time in the mornings on a work day, is a wonderful thing.  A quick look around the garden making a list in my head of whatever needs to be done, that hopefully by the time the weekend comes, I have the energy to do.

There's always a list, whether it be stuck on the fridge or just stuck in my head.....there's always a list.

Shhh, someones still asleep...

Shhh, someones still asleep...

So I've collected the eggs, I've picked some it's time to have some breakfast.

What a wonderful way to start my day - lungs full of fresh crisp air, belly full of tasty home-grown noosh!  Now if I can stay away from those chocolates in the shop, I'll be doing well!  Have a gorgeous day everyone. x Julie