Appelbeignets & Ice Cream

After a slow start to my Sunday morning, and then quite a bit of thought on what I wanted to blog about today.....I came up with Appelbeignets (apple fritters) and Ice cream.   Yes, it's cold outside but that shouldn't stop anyone from eating ice cream, should it?!  

I've been outside and collected a few cooking apples that are still hanging on the tree and taken a minute to marvel at this Pierre de Ronsard rose of mine.  Whether it's winter or summer or anywhere in-between, it seems to always be flowering.  

I first saw this rose growing prolifically on the side of the bakery in Evandale, it looked beautiful!  Then my Mum bought a plant and it too looks beautiful growing on the side of their home.  So I decided to buy one for myself!  I originally planted it on the other side of the house in the garden under the big deciduous trees, and it struggled.  I really wanted to have this rose wrap itself around the little arbour we have, but I had to resign myself that it was never going to grow well there.

So I dug it up and move it to this side of the house, up against the outside toilet - it was the best decision, and it seems to have taken no time to get to this size.

Boy it's cold outside!  But look how beautiful it is to look into the branches of this Hawthorn tree and into the paddock beyond.  So glad we kept this tree and made our home paddock just a bit smaller.

Now, I have an ice cream maker, which I will be using, but there's plenty of handmade ice cream recipes out there that are easy peasy!  

Recipe - basic vanilla ice cream (with a dollop of blackberry yoghurt)

1 1/2 cups of whole milk
1 1/8 granulated sugar
3 cups heavy cream (I didn't have enough cream so I went 2 1/2 cups of cream with 1/2 flavoured yoghurt)
1 1/2 tablespoons pure vanilla extract

In a medium mixing bowl, use a hand mixer on low to combine milk and sugar until dissolved.  Stir in cream (& yoghurt) and vanilla. Pour into ice cream maker and mix until thickened.

Making ice cream should come with a warning - 'BEWARE, YOU MAY BE TEMPTED TO EAT IT BEFORE IT GETS TO THE FREEZER!'  Once mixed transfer to an airtight container and pop in the freezer.

Recipe - Appelbeignets (apple fritters) recipe from Julie Goodwin's My Family Table cookbook.

6 apples, peeled and cored
1 2/3 cups (250g) plain flour
pinch of salt
375ml beer
oil for deep frying
icing sugar, to dust.

Cut the apples crossways into 5 mm slices.  Sift the flour and salt into a large bowl and make a well in the centre.  Gradually add the beer, stirring constantly until the mixture is smooth.  Half fill a large saucepan with oil and heat to about 190oC.  Working a few at a time, dip the apple slices into the batter and cook them in the hot oil for about 3 mins, until they are crisp and golden.  Transfer to a large tray line with paper towels to drain.  Cool slightly, then sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.

I've decide to do my slices slightly thicker, I would like a bit of a crunch in my fritters....and I don't have a corer, so I've cut my cores out.

A beautiful bowl filled with delicious home made ice cream and appelbeignets.

With my warm socks on, a bowl filled with hot and cold, I'm going back into the lounge room to sit in front of the fire for the rest of the day....have a lovely Sunday everyone x Julie  p.s. I wonder if Teddy would like some?