A simple Monday

Feels like it's been forever since my last blog post - I get to the end of a week and there just doesn't seem to be enough time for everything!

I'm a list girl, always have been, and my list has been quite long for the past few weeks, so long that each point was prioritised with colouring pencil dot!

After this last hectic week, which involved the lead up to the Tasmanian Craft Fair and then the Fair itself, we were happy to celebrate the end of one particular list with some dear friends.

It's our shout and we get to play out on our partly renovated deck again.

Treating Monday's like a Sunday is one of the nicest pleasures I can think of.  Never been one for Monday's and so when I decided to run my own business I thought having Monday's as a weekend day was a pretty good idea!!

Drinks and nibbles are the order of the day on our gorgeous green table that's got the best legs I've ever seen!  Perfect with my favourite green dinner set, green jug, green jar with cutlery......oh, did I mention I like green?!

We're going to keep it simple today, nothing too difficult.....and getting a little bit of help from Biscuit is always welcomed.

Taking a moment to pop over to the gate and say hello to the girls and offer some leftover veggie scraps....yes please, they say!

Cheese, dips, crackers, pate, bread, fruit.....I could live on this stuff!  Couldn't you?!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll try not leave it too long between drinks next time. Have a great week x Julie