Birthday's should be special

I like to think that babies born in September are special Christmas husband Noel is a Christmas baby, and of course his name means Christmas. Today he turns (cough cough) years old!  Yes, I have been instructed not to mention his age.  I can't see the problem myself, I love Birthday's and Birthday's should be special!

Apart from our tradition of a lovely sleep in for the Birthday boy or girl, a lunch is made along with time spent at home celebrating the day.  Presents are great, but I find making something with my own hands....and in this is my present.  (mind you, I did get him something as well)

So, I'm making lunch today, and here are some of the ingredients I'm going to be using. Activated almonds from Pete Evans cookbook, The Paleo Way , fresh silverbeet, asparagus & two types of kale.

The salad below was the favourite for the day.  'Autumn greens with bacon, almond and paprika dressing'. This salad is a great indicator of the beautiful healthy recipes that can be found in The Paleo Way cook book...a must buy!

Creating a meal is one way of showing how much you care for someone, making that food special by dressing your kitchen table up is another way.

I like using vintage as much as possible. It has history, it has had another life, and it just feels right!  Instead of putting your cutlery out on the table, pop them into a jar, or a glass, letting people help themselves.

Just adding a little colour to the table with anything from the garden, in this case I have cut some of our blossoming crab apple.  If this blossom is any indicator, fruit will be abundant this year! 

Pull out your tablecloths I say!!  Let them shine, adding to a simple table layout.

What a perfect day for a lunch inside shared with family.  We've got both fires going today, the Stanley wood fired oven in the kitchen and the fire box in the lounge. With a full belly of food a 'Christmas Day' type drowsiness comes over all of us.

Having enjoyed lunch we leave the table for a minute and retreat to the lounge.  A little gift from me to him to add to his collection.

He might be past making race tracks in the sand pit outside, but the love for toy cars and trucks will never get old.

Back to the table for Birthday cake.  It's just one of those things that has to be done.  This is his day, filled with laughs, yummy food and a bit of naughty cake.  Wishing a Happy Birthday to my hard-working husband and anyone else sharing this day.....Happy Birthday you little Christmas babies xxx Julie