Coming home

It feels like it's been a long time coming....our kitchen that is!  I've been sharing pictures of the progress via my Instagram page and everyone has been very supportive, having either been through it themselves or just joining in on the excitement.  It's been wonderful to share it with this brilliant community, and I've got to say, on occasions, it's kept us going.  

It wouldn't be right if I didn't show a 'before' pic - this was taken on the day we inspected the house to buy, it is filled with the previous owners belongings.  It seems that 7 years ago I didn't walk around with a camera in my back pocket as I do now, so I don't have too many pictures of it when we moved in....but it gives you an idea.  All we saw was the potential and that light, the rest didn't matter.

Here's a little break down of what has happened in this space over this time. We've removed the bricks from the fire place to reveal the original 100+ year old bricks underneath and then restored it, found and installed our Stanley wood burning oven, extended the window wall out by a metre, re-plastered all the walls, found new windows that are in keeping with the little cottage that it is....and installed a totally new kitchen with added elements of vintage.

When we bought this property there were so many other things that were a higher priority then doing the kitchen, we had to sort out the water problems, eradicate the weed issue over the 5 acre block, build fences, build a vegie patch, renovate bedrooms and so on....when we look back on what has been done, we feel pretty proud.

Over a long time I've been collecting pieces that I wanted to include in my kitchen - like this ships clock purchased from Megan @flots_n_jets via instagram, she has a wonderful collection of vintage'ness worth checking out.  This trombone that I picked up from Willow Court down south in New Norfolk, this handmade wreath I was gifted by the gorgeous Ainslee of @mysuburbanfarm who is also on instagram, all sitting on a kitchen mantle piece we won at auction years ago.  

This is the thing, I don't think any home can be put together by going into one shop and buying everything in one go!  A home is a compilation of belongs that have been gathered over time, belongings that have been found, loved, admired, created, gifted and/or betrothed.

I go all swoony when I look at my kitchen, it's like having a love's ok, the hubby knows all about it.

This corner was created from a deep desire to be able to sit in my kitchen and blog about whatever takes my fancy, and usually what I fancy is a bit of cake!  I found this old cupboard at a garage sale, Noel put a new back on it and I gave it a lick of paint.  It houses some of my go-to recipe books, the ones I return to over and over again because of the delicious recipes, the amazing people who wrote them and the fantastic photography.

I took these pictures yesterday, it was the most beautiful day outside, so I took a little break because I noticed how lovely my favourite apple tree was looking, and wanted to share it with you.

We're still eating and sharing the apples off this old girl, the ones that fall to the ground either go to the sheep or get eaten by the local birds.  We don't mind, there's enough for everyone.  

If I sit here long enough, I'll get some visitors....and there you go, beautiful silver eyes.

Where's ours?!

Someone who's not worried whether he gets an apple or not....Huon!

No recipe today, but I can tell you that I baked my first cake in my new oven yesterday...good old lumberjack, using up some of those apples.  If you'd like that recipe, go to a past story called Mr. Lumberjack.  x Julie