Like Nanna use to have.

A little while back I posted a picture on Instagram of our new 'old' kitchen table, and posed the question...."do you believe a piece of furniture finds you?"  The response was immediate!  Quite a few people shared stories of how a certain piece of furniture came into their lives.

Would it be true then to think, that a house or even a way of life finds you?   I say....sure, why not?!

The other day I jokingly said to my Mum - there are some that want a new thermomix, and all I'm looking for is a vintage rolling pin!

Now don't get me wrong thermomix point is, that I'm just happy with stuff like Nanna use to have.  It's a lovely combination of living in today's world, while continuing to hold onto what I see, for me, are the best bits of the past.  Not so much about tradition, just getting back to a simpler life.

Like pegging your laundry out on a single washing line, that's propped up by a big stick, or using bone handled knives, or like in the picture above, using lovely linen table cloths, making a meal special.  

It seems that moving to this house & living in this community has bought me to a place I feel most comfortable.  I love the fact we have a veggie patch, I love the fact I can collect eggs from my girls, I also enjoy turning the T.V. off and listening to the fire crackle and having a chat.

So today I thought I'd pull out this classic cookery book written in 1938, and make something simple.

In small print: with tables of food values by a well-known lady Doctor.

In small print: with tables of food values by a well-known lady Doctor.

On page 108, under the 'Foreign Dishes' section.

Potage 'Bonne Femme' - translation: The Good Wife's Soup

As it reads: Put into boiling butter 2 or 3 leeks chopped in small pieces, and when they have a brown colour add 3/4lb of potatoes cut in quarters, and 2 or 3 pints of water, salt and let it cook slowly.  When cooked mash the potatoes, put them back in the soup and add a piece of fresh butter and serve.

I know I have plenty of leeks at the moment, but I'm not sure how many spuds I have.   Hopefully enough!

OK, I'm all set to make some 1938's soup - cross your fingers and let's hope it doesn't taste like it was made in 1938!

The kitchen smells so gorgeous right now!  This could be the old version of those new recipe books called '4 ingredients'!  What's old is new again. :)

I add some sautéed leeks and ground pepper to the top.  I also have some strong vintage cheese in the fridge, cut into chunks, I drop that on top too.

It seems that I'm not the only one who like a bit of vintage.....sleepy Biscuit enjoy a little snuggle with hubby's Grandmother's crochet throw. x Julie