Making good choices

A blog post without a recipe!  Yep that's right, I just felt like having a chat about the choices we have made that we hope will bring a positive impact to our lives and those in our care.

Recently I posted a picture on instagram of one of our lambs from last year, commenting that this year we've decided to retire half our girls and rest the other half. This is our personal choice based on nothing other than our own observations of how our girls cope year after year lambing.

Almost every year since moving here we have had lambs, and every year we have some that don't survive, or one or two ewes that struggle keeping condition and others that keep producing the most beautiful lambs without fail.  Mother Nature truly is a wonderful thing!

So for all of these reasons, good and bad, we wanted to say thank you to them by retiring some and giving the others a rest. After all it's hard work looking after new babies every year.

Another choice we have made is to grow (as much as possible) our own vegetables and fruit. Every year Noel and I take it in turns to look after the vegie patch, last year it was my turn.....and who knows, I might do it again this year.  The other person has to contribute by weeding and watering, but all the other decisions, like what to plant where and when, is made by the one who's turn it is.  

This is a huge source of amusement for both of us, whether it's being competitive or we just like to stir each other up, it's always.....oh I wouldn't plant that there, oh no why did you put that in now?!  But, just between you and me, my year always rocks!

Something we don't get to do a lot of, but love it when we do, is sharing a meal with others. To choose to invite family or friends to lunch or tea, planning and preparing a meal that we hope they will enjoy, making our home homely and going to the effort to make it feel special.  

There are so many cookbooks out there now that are all about this, sharing food and sharing your love for cooking.  When your lives are very busy it seems just enough to make a meal for those at home, let alone making for others.  But it's such a fun thing to do and when we get that work/life balance right, we try to do it as much as possible.

Making the choice to take it easy seems simple enough, but let me explain what I mean in this regard. When we moved here we had just finished renovating an old church down South in Tassie, a mammoth job and a huge expense that was funded by the bank.

It was a great place, which we sold to move here.....but this time we decided to take it easy.  It wasn't important to get everything renovated at lightening speed, what mattered more was that we loved where we lived and that we could see ourselves living here for good....and I'm pretty happy to say that we do!  

So this time we chose to take it easy and earn a bit then renovate a bit.  Lots of people say that when you work for something, and it takes time to achieve it, you appreciate it more....I think there's some real truth in this.

Choosing to surround ourselves in nature. All of these choices are linked perfectly together, they are all life choices.  We chose to live in the country, we chose to have animals, we chose to live a hard working simple life.

Something quite meaningful to me was to capture elements of my childhood in my adult life. Like having chooks, collecting eggs and looking after these small creatures.  I had a conversation recently about how if one of my chooks stop laying I don't just get rid of them because they're not producing anymore.  No way, they still contribute by scratching over garden beds, keeping the bugs under control, providing the perfect fertilizer......still an important part of the workings of our life.

There are many other good choices we choose to make, like donating to charities, helping our neighbours and contributing to our local area by running two businesses. Choosing to live the best life you can, not just a good choice, a great choice! x Julie