Potting up & a Ploughman's lunch

Busy little productive day yesterday!  Other than the usual vacuuming at warp speed (because I loath it so much) I was able to get some more seeds potted up and make a suitably yummy ploughman's lunch.

Now this for two, but seriously I could quite easily live on this sort of food....bits of this, bits of that - yum!

Ploughman's Lunch ingredients

Handful of little tomatoes
Crusty bread, sliced
Cold meats of your choosing, I have pastrami, ham & prosciutto
Dijon mustard & Branston pickles
Pickled onions & Pate
Three types of cheese - Gloucester, Pickled Onion & Ashgrove Cloth Matured
Grapes, pear, slices of cucumber
Hard boiled egg

You could really have anything in your ploughman's lunch, but traditionally it's a combination of cold meats, cheese, pickles and bread. But of course adding items like boiled eggs and pickled onions is a must!

Potting up seeds is an enjoyable part of growing your own veggie patch, waiting patiently for them to pop their heads up above the soil is exciting!

I had some cucumber, kohl rabi, cauliflower, egg plant and other seeds I wanted to get potted up.  Using my little 'make your own recycled newspaper pots' paper pot press made the job quick and easy.

This handy little tool came from Heaven In Earth, I stock these in the shop too.  Simply tear of strips of paper, roll it around the cylinder, making sure the paper hangs over the end, scrunch the bottom and press into the base...voila!  One little pot ready for your potting mix.

My husband, Noel, bought me this little cabinet the other day.  A beautiful place to keep my seeds.

This elephant garlic flower from last years crop is just too beautiful to throw away....so it gets moved from one spot to another....making me smile.

Here you go, some nasturtiums popping up. 

Job almost done I take a break and enjoyed that ploughman's lunch of mine.....oops, of ours! 

x Julie