Shed life

It was a beautiful day the day I visited Jude, the type of day where time was irrelevant and sharing a conversation and damper was not only easy, but delicious too!

Jude and Andrew started this shed conversion 4 years ago, that was after living in the city and finding they yearned to be back on the family property, living a much simpler life.  Jude explains 'there's still lots to do' - but from where I stand, its already perfect. 

What a warm and loving space.  Jude and Andrew have this uncomplicated honesty to their home, with plans to install a wood-fired oven and continue to eat what they grow, it looks like this home is for keeps.

It wasn't long before I spied some home-made relishes and chutneys, and because I'm a total sucker for anything bottled, jarred, canned or preserved, I had my nose right in there asking questions like....what's this and what do you put in yours?!

Jude loves her vintage bits and pieces, proudly stating that everything is used and useful!  My eye was instantly attracted to this Portuguese kettle sitting proudly on the cook top.  What a gem!

Jude pulls out her chopping board and starts to make a fresh batch of sweet damper.  I don't know about you....but I love damper!  It's quick, it's easy and if well practised, there's no need to refer to a recipe. 

The bone-handled knife is Jude's grandmother's and is used daily as the mixing/chopping utensil.

Like grabbing the cheeks of a baby, Jude gently coaxed this damper into shape.

All ready to pop into the oven.

I wish I could have shared the aromas of this baked damper with you....if you've experienced the smell of bread baking or the fragrance that fills a room just before you know a cake is's a combination of that!  Pictured below sits three generations...grandmother's knife, mother's breadboard and a daughter's damper.

The kettle's boiled, the tea is made and we're slapping home-made jam and cream on this hot and steaming deliciousness!

Damper recipe - sweet

2 cups of self-raising flour
pinch of salt
dollop of cream
1 tsp of castor sugar
some water to bring the mixture together

Gently bring together using a knife or spoon, making sure you don't over work it. Pop into the oven at 180 degrees for approx 20 mins. You'll know its ready when you tap the top and it sounds hollow.  Great with jam & cream.

Trying not to demolish the whole damper in one sitting, we decided to take a walk outside.

These Bronze turkey babies are about five and half months old now and are the funniest things, coming over all inquisitive-like.  Checking out who I am, and more importantly, did I have anything to eat?!

Once they realised I had nothing to offer, they were off to chase insects.  

A perfect life surrounded by feathered friends........

......a beautiful garden......

......and mountains.

"I can switch off quite Happily here, look up at the mountains and listen to my Niece's and nephew's playing in the background" - Jude