Small Offerings

Bursting into spring from the sleepiness of winter makes me so happy!

Wherever I look there's blossom or new growth appearing - small offerings of prettiness as spring really starts to begin.

If you've been following the shop on instagram or facebook, you'd know we've not been sitting around during winter time.  We've been busy creating a coffee nook within the shop space, where we now offer freshly roasted fair trade coffee, real hot chocolate and a organic caffeine-free range of teas. 

With our long farmhouse table where customers commune, enjoying a chat and a cuppa of choice, it really has become a lovely addition to our shop.  With every 'to have here' cuppa a delicious sweet treat is offered, either a milk chocolate covered macadamia nut, or as seen below, a raspberry dragée, all creations of Cocobean Chocolate, an award winning Tasmanian chocolatier. 

We have also had our cafeware handmade by an Australian ceramists, Adriana Christianson -beautiful to hold and beautiful to drink from.

Looks like spring has erupted on top of this chai latte!

Looks like spring has erupted on top of this chai latte!

Sticking with that theme of small offerings.......back at home there are many examples appearing everywhere.  Look at these tiny snowdrops and miniature daffodils, oh so pretty!

Of course it is also a busy time for the bird life, making new nests and for some, reusing their nests from last year.  Like the Welcome Swallows, they are back again nesting under a small awning over our bedroom doors.  We leave their nests there every year waiting for their return, where they give it a bit of spruce up ready for this years babies.

I've gathered a little bit of wool that our sheep have rubbed off against our fence lines - I thought I'd help out with my own version of small offerings. 

Patience and time.....over the next couple of days the wool was slowly accepted by many birds.  Perfect for them to thread into their nests along with whatever else is on offer in the garden.

From inside, Biscuit and I sit and wait and watch.

It seems that some of my old nests are getting used for different reasons this year, a perfect place to seed yourself and grow!

Blossom budding and popping like popcorn on the branches of this miniature peach tree.

Another small offering, this one for my husband, poached egg on top of pan fried asparagus, radishes and layers of Tasmanian smoked salmon....spring we love you!  x Julie