Things made of wood

With the rhythmic tic toc of his mantelpiece clock, stepping into Mathew's home is like stepping back in time. Where, within only a few minutes, I felt quite relaxed and some-what envious of this life that is mostly 'off the grid'.

This story is about a gentleman that lives locally - he's a designer, a maker, a talented artist creating many things in small batches.

A maker in the truest of sense, Mathew forages for wood, fabrics and vintage homewares.  That not only fill his home with authenticity, but also become the materials for which he creates his handcrafted wooden dolls & small paintings.

Every Sunday Mathew has a stall at Evandale Market, in the North of Tasmania, where he sells his dolls and paintings.....everything he makes, he makes......and from what he sells, he lives.

He has been using willow and silver birch branches to create these lovely ladies for the past three years.  They have not changed much from their original design ....other than, they now have knees!

Mathew uses acrylics to paint his portraits and scenery paintings onto pine weatherboard's, which he then frames. 

'It may seem my pictures harbour to another time or place, but really they are my aesthetic preference, Impartial to any particular trend in art or history itself' - Mathew 

I have been a lover of sheds for a very long time.  A shed thats purpose is to create in, can be a wonderfully intriguing space for others to visit.  Invited into Mathew's shed, where his foraged wood starts its new life, is a real treat for me.  His space requires no interference, there is nothing here I don't like!

Mathew works and lives within a very small space, amongst this hectic scene is heart and soul.

Each of his dolls are created filled with character and interest.  Forming their own personalities from the very soon as you start working with a piece of wood a personality appears, he tells me.

Mathew also makes most of the things in his home.  From the chairs you sit on, to the stool next to you.   This bowl for example was made from a piece of wood he found lying on the side of the road.  

Or a simple chopping board made from a fallen apple tree.

and the bedspread made from recycled materials.

Having mastered his vintage sewing machine, Mathew creates the wooden dolls dresses as well as most of his own clothing.

Believe me when I tell you.....I took lots of photos!  But the ones I have posted here hopefully give you a lovely insight into this persons work.  He is another interesting character that lives amongst us, with his own story to tell. 

If you're visiting Evandale Market in Evandale, Tasmania.....please find Mathew and say hi.   x Julie