Welcome (back) swallows

They're back!!!  Every year for the past 5 years they have returned back to their nest that sits just above our bedroom door.  I'm so glad they come back to our home to have their babies. Welcome back, Welcome Swallows!

They are looking well from their long flight.  I've been told that they will fly from as far as Western Australia to return back to their little nest here in the North West of Tasmania.  I have also been told that there are some species that make an international flight to return back to their airbnb.  Whatever the case, these little guys come back every year and I'm thrilled to see them again!

For some people, having Welcome Swallows nest around their home and property is not welcomed.  The reality is, birds poop, and it makes a mess.....I still don't care, I clean up mess all the time, so this is no different.......and I get babies!   

They've started to bring in new feathers to line their nest, sleeping there every night and in the morning heading off to collect more bedding.

I know I've got a few other birds starting to nest on our property.  I saw a Forest Raven collecting large twigs and sticks from the garden the other day.  Also Mr. & Mrs. Blackbird have been hard at it for a little while now.

And....I think we've got someone nesting in our outside toilet!

There's no 'do not disturb' sign on the door, but I still enter like as if I'm going to interrupt someone.

If I was a bird, I'd pick this little outbuilding to raise my fledglings in too! Originally from my parents home in Evandale, this 100 year old outhouse was dismantled, stacked on a pallet, transported to our home in Elizabeth Town, where is sat on that pallet for up to a year. To be reassembled by Noel in our garden.

Yes, he thought I was mad, but it looks like it's been here forever!  

There isn't a working toilet in it anymore, but it may, one day, be transformed into an outdoor smoke house.....that's what I'd like to do with it anyway.  This will require numerous baked goods and lots of convincing.

In the meantime, I enjoy dressing it up with vintage bits and pieces, a source of inspiration any time of the year.

A little vintage window with some broken panes, and some panes replaced with mirrors adds a lovely effect to the front.  A flower box filled with succulents which flourishes from spring through to autumn.  It looks like this flowering crab apple could have been planted in a better place, but with a little pruning it will arch providing a secret pathway to the loo!

Hand cut boards & Pierre de Ronsard. Enjoy your Sunday x Julie