Create a Beautiful Space Service

Creating spaces is intuitive to Julie Hall; she is able to take a room and make it feel welcoming and friendly, filled with personal touches that make people feel like they want to be there.

Having owned and operated a successful homewares business for 5 years, renovated 4 homes with her husband Noel, provided advice to clients on spaces in their homes or businesses, Julie has developed her own distinctive look.

The way we create spaces within our home or business should be individual, a space that reflects a personality. How our belongings are arranged is often more important then the belongings themselves.

With fresh eyes Julie can show you how to achieve a friendly home /business environment that is a reflection of your lifestyle.

All of these services are quoted on an individual basis.




An onsite visit where Julie will listen to what it is that you would like to achieve, discuss options and ideas, take photos and provide you with a written detailed description of what is needed to achieve those desired outcomes.    



The full consultation visit with documented follow up combined with a personal styling service of the space.    



The combination of the first two service including the sourcing of furniture and decorator items to compliment your space.   


Share ways to merchandise and showcase your stock in a simple but beautiful way. Creating a wonderful shopping experience for your customers to enjoy.